January 18, 2016

Replacement of Four Turbines Generators at Tachiachi Hydro Power Plant Chingshan Branch Power Plant

Tachiachi Hydro Power Plant Chingshan Branch Power Plant, which commenced operation in 1973, was completely engulfed by landslides due to a devastating typhoon in July 2004. Redevelopment and reconstruction work on the power plant and surrounding area began in 2009, with Hitachi Mitsubishi Hydro Corporation being part of a consortium along with local suppliers that won an order and contract in November 2011 for the replacement of four turbine and generator sets, including control and substation equipment. Although on-site work commenced in December 2012, because the plant is located in steep mountainous terrain, this work was often interrupted due to landslides that made access roads impassable. Despite these very difficult conditions, site installation and commissioning staff worked assiduously and completed on-site testing well ahead of the initial schedule. All four sets completed on-site testing in September 2015 and are sequentially being brought back into commercial operation.
It is anticipated that this replacement project will help the Owner enjoy a more reliable supply of electric power. The project also won a superior construction quality award at the 15th Public Construction Golden Quality Awards, the highest distinction for public works in Republic of China.