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The only one-stop solution for hydroelectric power
The only one-stop solution for hydroelectric power

In the context of ever increasing diversity in the supply of electric power, we will utilise our leading-edge technology and know-how accumulated over many years in the fields that contribute to grid stabilisation to respond to our customers’ requests and deliver the best solutions from development and design to delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
We will continue supplying high-quality products and services to our customers by utilising the manufacturing facilities of Hitachi, Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

1.Turbines and Pump Turbines

We deal in all types of high-performance turbines and pump turbines, such as the Francis type, and we have been active in the development of leading-edge technology in the field of pumped-storage power generation, with the development of the 800-m class ultra-high-head pump turbine, for example.

2.Generators and Generator-Motors

Based on our supply record of delivering generators and generator-motors, such as large-capacity machines that boast a record-breaking scale of generation and high-speed machines, we are now developing and designing even more highly efficient and reliable generators, generator-motors and adjustable-speed generator-motors.

3.Control and Protection Systems

We are implementing the development and design of a wide range of control and protection systems for hydroelectric power plants, including unit sequencers, protection relays, governors and excitation controllers, as well as adjustable speed controllers and plant computers. We are able to provide economical and reliable control and protection systems based on our solid supply record.

4.Research and Development

In addition to pursuing the optimum turbine hydraulic profiles by utilising fluid simulation and fluid measurement techniques, we are also conducting many kinds of verification experiments to achieve an even higher level of reliability in operating plants. Through sharing the issues specific to each power plant with customers, we are aiming to find solutions through various analyses and experiments.